Help create a community where all youth are valued, celebrated and empowered for living healthy,
substance-abuse free lives.


Most of our youth do not use alcohol and drugs… 

FACT: Most kids do not use. However, according to a 2013, 11th grade survey, Waconia students use nearly 5 percent more alcohol, marijuana and tobacco than the state average.

Alcohol tax covers the economic costs associated with alcohol in Minnesota…

MYTH: MN Tax does not cover the cost. In 2011, the State Dept. of Health estimated costs associated with alcohol at over $5.06 billion per year. Tax revenues collected from alcohol sales? Around $296 million per year.

2017 Super-Samaritan Award goes-to Rick Carlson!

Rick Carlson of Carlson’s Llovable Llamas goes above and beyond to provide a meaningful experience for the youth in our community. Rick leads the most popular and successful 4-H llama program in Minnesota. We will be presenting Rick with the Super Samaritan Award right before the 4-H Llama Costume Event in the Show Tent, Saturday evening, August 12th at the Carver County Fair.

SS Rick 1


We’re here to tell the stories of those who are making a difference in our world.

Hero Award nominations are now being accepted!

If you know a youth leader, individual, or group of students whose story should be shared and recognized, let us know! Nominate your candidate(s).

Know a group who is caring for the environment?

Know a group who is caring for the environment?

Know anyone making a big effort to learn a new skill?

Know anyone making a big effort to learn a new skill?

“If we provide the scaffolding, students will have the opportunity to be successful”

~Maureen Farrell, District 110 Drug Free Communities Grants Coordinator

Get Involved!

 Civic Engagement

  • Get involved by… Improving your community!
    • Serve on a neighborhood association
    • Write to an elected official
    • Vote in an upcoming election


  • Get involved by… Promoting knowledge!
    • Tutor a fellow classmate
    • Read to a younger sibling
    • Teach a class


  • Get involved by… Promoting sustainable practices!
    • Join a community garden
    • Learn how to compost
    • Recycle at home and in school



  • Get involved by… Striving to make the world a kindler, gentler place!
    • Join Rotary Interact, International Club, Conservation Club…
    • Engage in service-learning
    • Encourage teachers to use dialogue circles in the classroom

 Health & Fitness

  • Get involved by… Promoting physical and mental well-being!
    • Participate in an after-school sport
    • Launch a “Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health” campaign at your school
    • Develop a meal plan with your family


  • Get involved by… Celebrating differences!
    • Launch a Gay-Straight Alliance at your school
    • Participate in an Anti-Bullying Campaign
    • Ask classmates to take the “Tolerance Pledge”