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ACES: Brain Development, the Biology of Stress, & the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

The course was designed and developed for professional caregivers, healthcare workers, teachers, coaches, social workers and parents to become more competent, informed, caring adults. You will walk away with a short list of building resilience factors for children and youth.

Human beings have multiple regions of our brain which contribute to our thoughts and behavior. This course will focus on the brain’s survival mechanism, limbic mechanism, and frontal and pre-frontal cortex.

You will learn about cognitive shut-down… The more prepared you become for danger, the less your body perceives you need relational skills. The more upset we become, the less sophisticated our thinking becomes. —Read More

Friday, March 9, 2018
Check-in Time: 8:30am
Time: 9:00am-2:30pm
Who: Adults
Where: Waconia Middle School Auditorium
Fee: $30
Speaker: Karina Forrest-Perkins MHR, LADC & CEO of The Wayside House 
Credits: Course is worth 5 CEUs
Lunch provided: Included with fee—Catered by Café #110
Register: by March 2, 2018
Auditorium Capacity: Maximum 480


2016 Town Hall Forum: EMPOWER U Just say no? It’s not that easy...

Addiction expert, and drug and alcohol counselor Brenda Greig, presented preventive practices for empowering youth, parents and community. A Q&A session included a moderated panel of experts and community advocates. The free event was for anyone interested in learning more about prevention, related tools and how substance use affects a community.