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Seniors—Safe Celebrations Letter 

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to you and your family on reaching this milestone as your senior graduates from high school! It is our sincere hope that your graduation party will be a positive memory and experience for all. As you make plans to celebrate this once in a lifetime achievement, we offer some things for you to consider.

Remember that in Minnesota, alcohol use is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age. Because graduation parties are typically well attended and often held outside, we ask that you take steps to restrict access to alcohol and make extra efforts to monitor for possible underage drinking…

2017 Super-Samaritan Award goes-to Rick Carlson!

Rick Carlson of Carlson’s Llovable Llamas goes above and beyond to provide a meaningful experience for the youth in our community. Rick leads the most popular and successful 4-H llama program in Minnesota—some say his program is one of the top 3 in the U.S.! We presented Rick with the HERO Super Samaritan Award Saturday evening, August 12th at the Carver County Fair.

 Talk with your kids about the risks of using alcohol and other substances.

Talk with your kids. Science shows that a person’s brain is in a critical period of development well into their 20th year. Kids who know their parents disapprove of underage use are 5 times less likely to experiment and are more likely to be aware of the harm that substance use has on the brain. Get information to help you talk with your teens about drugs and their effects, and learn where to go to get help.


We’re here to tell the stories of those who are making a difference in our world.

Hero Award nominations are now being accepted!

If you know a youth leader, individual, or group of students whose story should be shared and recognized, let us know! Nominate your candidate(s).

Know a group who is caring for the environment?

Know a group who is caring for the environment?

Know anyone making a big effort to learn a new skill?

Know anyone making a big effort to learn a new skill?


Most of our youth do not use alcohol and drugs… 

FACT: Most kids do not use. However, according to a 2013, 11th grade survey, Waconia students use nearly 5 percent more alcohol, marijuana and tobacco than the state average.

Alcohol tax covers the economic costs associated with alcohol in Minnesota…

MYTH: MN Tax does not cover the cost. In 2011, the State Dept. of Health estimated costs associated with alcohol at over $5.06 billion per year. Tax revenues collected from alcohol sales? Around $296 million per year.

“If we provide the scaffolding, students will have the opportunity to be successful”

~Maureen Farrell, District 110 Drug Free Communities Grants Coordinator

Get Involved!

 Civic Engagement

  • Get involved by… Improving your community!
    • Serve on a neighborhood association
    • Write to an elected official
    • Vote in an upcoming election


  • Get involved by… Promoting knowledge!
    • Tutor a fellow classmate
    • Read to a younger sibling
    • Teach a class


  • Get involved by… Promoting sustainable practices!
    • Join a community garden
    • Learn how to compost
    • Recycle at home and in school



  • Get involved by… Striving to make the world a kindler, gentler place!
    • Join Rotary Interact, International Club, Conservation Club…
    • Engage in service-learning
    • Encourage teachers to use dialogue circles in the classroom

 Health & Fitness

  • Get involved by… Promoting physical and mental well-being!
    • Participate in an after-school sport
    • Launch a “Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health” campaign at your school
    • Develop a meal plan with your family


  • Get involved by… Celebrating differences!
    • Launch a Gay-Straight Alliance at your school
    • Participate in an Anti-Bullying Campaign
    • Ask classmates to take the “Tolerance Pledge”