Art in Motion—STREET ART at the FAIR 2019, Friday, August 9 from 10am to 4pm

Weather permitting, fair-goers grab some chalk and transform the street! This is a Free Carver County Fair Event. All ages and abilities welcome. This year we’ll have chalk games, Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe and Avoid the Shark for kids of all ages.

Art in Motion Promotion Poster

Art in Motion—STREET ART at the FAIR—2018

Friday, August 10th, 11am–4pm

HERO Coalition hosted the 4th annual FREE community event, STREET Art at the Fair at the 2018 Carver County Fair. It was a beautiful fun day at the fair.

A BIG, special thanks to the Carver County Fair—an integral and generous partner to STREET ART at the FAIR.

Art in Motion—STREET ART at the FAIR 2017

HERO Coalition hosted its 3rd annual FREE community event at the 2017 Carver County Fair, Art in Motion—STREET ART at the FAIR.  The day was beautiful and the turnout was,”Our best year yet!” Old and young participated, drawing on the boards and on the blacktop—leaving love notes, signing names, and playing games.

The Carver County Fair Board was an integral partner in making STREET ART at the FAIR a success. They were instrumental in cutting, building and finishing the 6-foot plus chalkboards that were the focal point of the event. Three of the five boards took the shape of the fair theme, Peace, Love, Fair,” A llama board helped announce and honor Rick Carlson our 2017 HERO  Super Samaritan. A HERO-logo chalkboard conveyed our HERO messaging and welcomed fair-goers to the event.  We appreciate all who participated and look forward to 2018!