The following Safe Celebrations Letter was sent to all Waconia High School Parents, May 2017

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to you and your family on reaching this milestone as your senior graduates from high school!  It is our sincere hope that your graduation party will be a positive memory and experience for all.  As you make plans to celebrate this once in a lifetime achievement, we offer some things for you to consider.

Remember that in Minnesota, alcohol use is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age.  Because graduation parties are typically well attended and often held outside, we ask that you take steps to restrict access to alcohol and make extra efforts to monitor for possible under-age drinking.

It is also illegal for adults to intentionally supply alcohol to teens.  Hefty fines and jail time are possible results for simply providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.  If any minor becomes intoxicated and as a result, either causes or suffers great bodily harm or death, the adult(s) furnishing the alcohol may face felony prosecution.  The Minnesota State Legislature has also passed laws that allow injured parties to sue PARENTS in civil court for providing alcohol to minors whose intoxication is a contributing factor in any resulting accidents, injuries, vandalism or other possible harm.

High school graduations are important celebrations in our community.  Our goal is to help you experience a joyful event that keeps your teens safe and sober and leaves you with a lifetime of happy memories!

In Sincere Partnership,

Jim Olson, Sheriff, Carver County
Paul Falls Chief of Police, Minnetrista
Mark Fredericksen, Principal, Waconia H.S
Mark Sullivan, Chair, HERO coalition